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HVAC Freon Charging/Filling

Whats is Freon? Freon is a non-combustible gas that is used as a refrigerant in air conditioning applications. Freon goes through a repeated evaporation process that in return produces cool air that can be circulated throughout your AC system.

HVAC Freon charging is a very common and easy task, but it does require an understanding of certain HVAC basics. HVAC is short for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning which can be defined as:

“The technology of artificial environmental control (in buildings and vehicles) to maintain desired temperature and humidity conditions in accordance with requirements.” HVAC has been advancing at a rapid rate since its invention during World War II when large ships needed better temperature control systems to keep the perishable goods they were transporting from spoiling before their arrival. The HVAC industry was born, and it has continued to thrive ever since. As HVAC began to grow so did HVAC Freon charging. HVAC Freon is a trade name for R-22 (dichlorodifluoromethane), and it’s use has been mandated by federal law since 2010 when HFCs (Hydrofluorocarbons) began to replace HVAC Freons. HVAC Freon was initially used in the 1950’s, and it remained popular until 1993 (when HFCs were introduced) because of its environmentally safe properties compared to other refrigerants such as CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbons).

AC Kings HVAC technicians have be trained on how to recharge HVAC units that use or contained HFCs which started in 2020, but there are some HVAC units that still use HVAC Freon today. HVAC Freons are also commonly called HFCs which can be confused with HCF (Hydrochlorofluorocarbons). HCF is not used in HVAC units, but it is still commonly found in refrigerators and air conditioners. HVAC units that contain HFCs will no longer be able to be recharged by as of 2020 since the R-22 HVAC Freon has been decommissioned. Which means your system will need to be upgraded.

When technicians provide estimates for new HVAC installations they often get asked if they recharge HVAC units for their customers. HVAC Freon charging is not a difficult task for a AC Kings HVAC technician, but it does require an understanding of HVAC basics.

HVAC Freon charging can be done by AC Kings HVAC technicians because they all have proper training and know the steps required to perform this HVAC service. HVAC Freons are measured in ounces when being recharged which is much more cost effective than measuring the amount of water needed for HVAC cooling systems. The price may seem expensive, but HVAC Freon charging is a HVAC service that will need to be performed at least every two years to maintain HVAC efficiency. HVAC Freon charging can also startle HVAC unit users because of the loud sound it makes when HFCs are being pumped into an HVAC system, but HVAC technicians have been trained make sure this HVAC service doesn’t cause any harm to the HVAC unit’s components.

If you feel your system may not be as cold as in once was you cold have a leak. Contact us at AC Kings (689)218-0388 today so we can get you back to your comfortable temperature.

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