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HVAC Upgrade

In any HVAC installation, it is important to consider energy efficiency as a high priority. HVAC units are the largest consumers of electricity in most homes and buildings.

By upgrading a HVAC system, you can save money on utilities and improve the comfort level of your home or building much more easily than installing a whole new HVAC system .

When considering an HVAC upgrade , you should first see if your current HVAC unit can be repaired rather than replaced. HVAC systems that still have parts that are under warranty will not be nearly as expensive to fix as those without any warranty remaining. Even if replacement parts must be purchased for the repairs, there may still be savings with simply buying a new HVAC system . HVAC units that have more than a few years of use may not be as efficient as they once were, however. In this case you should look into HVAC replacement , as the new unit will require less electricity to operate and save you money on your utilities.

In addition to repairing HVAC systems that still have some warranty remaining, R-22 refrigerant is still available for HVAC units with reciprocating compressors. While older HVAC units cannot use R-22, it can make a significant difference in the cost of HVAC compressor repair . A new HVAC system purchased today would need to contain R-410A without any possibility of using R-22 afterwards because it is not commercially available anymore. HVAC units that use R-22 often have their compressors replaced with HVAC units that can use R-410A.

After HVAC compressor repair , HVAC replacement is the next most popular HVAC upgrade . Most HVAC systems are expected to last around 15 years or more if they are properly maintained and serviced regularly by a qualified technician. If an HVAC unit is at least 10 years old, it may be time for HVAC replacement . Determining when an HVAC system needs HVAC replacement is simple in some cases, but not always easy to determine in others. Most HVAC systems are no longer manufactured today because of new laws regarding HVAC efficiency. HVAC replacement is a great way to save money on utilities and improve the comfort level of your home or building. HVAC units that are no longer manufactured often have HVAC parts that are difficult to find for HVAC repair .

If you want to upgrade your HVAC system in order to reduce energy bills and increase the comfort in your home, choose a HVAC replacement over HVAC repair if possible by contacting AC Kings at 689-218-0388. You can also consider HVAC upgrade which can make an older unit perform more efficiently at a lower cost than replacing it entirely. In most cases when an HVAC unit seems unable to be repaired, HVAC replacement with a new unit will save you money in the long run. HVAC units last longer than ever today, so HVAC replacement may be a better option than HVAC repair in some more difficult cases of HVAC unit failure.

HVAC upgrade is often the best choice if possible, but HVAC replacement can also save you money on utilities and improve comfort in your home or building with a new HVAC system . HVAC parts that are no longer manufactured can make HVAC repair difficult with an older HVAC unit, but upgrading to a newer HVAC model will allow you to take advantage of all of the benefits of a modern HVAC system including improved efficiency at lower cost.

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